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StackState gets a big data store with time travel capabilities

Posted by Joey Compeer on Jun 26, 2015 12:30:00 PM
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StackState’s Neo4j Graph database is replaced by StackGraph. StackGraph is an in-house developed big data store with time travel capabilities. It continuously captures IT operations change and failure data and will make it very easy to travel in time: retrieve the status of the IT stack at any moment in the past.




Changing StackState’s big data store to StackGraph is a strategic choice and an important step to:


- Combine real-time and historical IT stack change and failure data into one model

- Create a base for abnormality detection, IT operation analytics and machine learning capabilities.


IT services managers, Dev/Ops and IT architects will eventually experience time-travelling capabilities in an intuitive interface to browse back in time to see the status of the IT stack at any moment in the past. This adds a complete new dimension to the insights and understanding how small incidents hidden in the stack develop over time into big failures or even core services downtime. StackState is the first to create a full stack IT Operation Memory (ITOM) to power advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities.


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