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Monitor NGINX in context with the rest of your IT stack.

Posted by Mark Bakker on Jun 20, 2017 5:14:02 PM


In today’s world we see a growing need to modernize traditional applications, from a monolith structure into a more microservices oriented architecture. Containerization technologies bring a lot of advantages (like auto-scaling, speeding up the frequency of deployments, etc.), but at the same time managing the complete IT stack is even more critical. Application availability and  performance are key for business survival.  IT is not “back office” anymore, but an essential part of gaining the competitive advantage and a key instrument to neutralize aggressive disruptors in the marketplace. Where Shakespeare used to say: “To be or not to be”, it is now “disrupt, or be disrupted”.


So companies feel the urge to move faster and embrace DevOps and the agile way of working. They simply have to… Teams become more self-sufficient and have the freedom to choose the tools they think can help them the best. And that’s fine, without this they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs right.

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Capture your entire IT stack in one data model

Posted by Lodewijk Bogaards on May 24, 2017 6:16:40 PM

On October 16th of 1843 a mathematician called William Rowan Hamilton crossed a bridge in Dublin when all of a sudden he was struck with the solution to a problem he had been working on for many years.
He became so enthusiastic that he cut his famous equation for a new type of number he called a quaternion into the stone of the bridge: "i^2=j^2=k^2=ijk=-1." Quaternions, among other things, make rotating objects through arbitrary orientations in a 3D space possible. We have Hamilton to thank for making it possible to safely land on the moon. In fact we have Hamilton to thank for making our WebGL powered 3D engine work at StackState.
At times, the ability to get an insight of such complexity seems to me to require a superhuman amount of genius. Yet I recognize that Hamilton, that day on the bridge, had simply arrived at a critical point after a long and arduous journey. The end of one stage of the journey and the beginning of another. Once given enough background information on what Hamilton was exploring mentally, the equation that marks the completion of that stage of the journey, though still highly impressive, is not beyond human capability.
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Topics: Product, Algorithmic IT Operations

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To accomplish this, we created an Algorithmic IT Operations platform. It aggregates information from a multitude of sources and existing Dev/Ops tools to provide a unique insight into the health of the entire IT stack and to find root causes of problems across tools, teams and departments. Validate the effects of changes before applying them. Not only for one type of system, but for the full stack regardless of its size.

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