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    StackState has experienced tremendous growth as a company and as a technology. This development has come with recognition from leading publications such as Gartner, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and Cloud Native Landscape, which I find both exciting and extremely humbling.

    We have interesting thoughts around these accolades that I wanted to share with the community. We see value in sharing the highlights of this year, as they provide insight into the changing landscape of IT Operations software and the modern problems organizations are trying to solve.


    EMA Top 3 Winner

    StackState Top-Ranked by EMA.png


    For an emerging company such as StackState, an award from an organization like EMA is a clear recognition of our vision, product innovation and focus on the needs of enterprises, their IT teams and business processes. StackState earned this industry recognition as part of EMA's new research report on "Ten Priorities for Hybrid Cloud, Containers and DevOps in 2017," authored by Torsten Volk, EMA Managing Research Director.


    StackState is honored to be recognized by EMA as a Top Three Product vendor in the Full Stack Monitoring category. We are committed to help IT organizations around the globe save money and become more competitive by creating a zero downtime enterprise. 


    If you're interested what EMA has to stay about StackState, you can download the research report right here.


    Market entry recognition by Gartner


    Gartner entry.png

    Here's a big one. This slide was presented during Gartner's 
    IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Summit in Las Vegas on December 4, 2017. As a marketer, nothing excites me more than seeing our name among other top companies. It confirms that we are well on our way to delivering a platform that IT organizations need today and in the future.


    We've always known StackState is a product in its own space. One that we could define, but not name. Gartner gave that space a name: Algorithmic IT Operations (AIOps). It's great that we received recognition from Gartner on our entry into the AIOps market.


    StackState was architected from day 1 to deliver value for entire IT organizations. We will continue to lead and innovate new solutions and many other features that we'll announce in the upcoming months (stay tuned!).


    Cloud Native Landscape




    The Cloud Native Landscape is intended as a map that helps you to identify the new and prevailing projects, products and companies that enable organizations to build, test, deploy, monitor and scale cloud native applications. The goal, ultimately, is to provide clarity as to how different projects and companies fit together and to help ground the conversation for customers, practitioners and analysts as they embark on their cloud native journeys.


    We are humbled and honored that the Cloud Native Computing Foundation has recognized our efforts and included us in the Observability & Analysis category. Click here to get a full screen overview of the landscape.


    Your Favorite Content of 2017

    Before the year is officially over, we wanted to take a look back at the most popular DevOps and AIOps content we published in 2017 — the content that you read, watched and shared the most:

    1. [BLOG] Capture Your Entire IT Stack in One Data Model
    2. [VIDEO] The 3T (Topology, Telemetry and Time) Data Model 
    3. [GUIDE] The IT Manager's Guide to Container Monitoring
    4. [ANALYST REPORT] Ten Priorities for Hybrid Cloud, Containers and DevOps in 2017
    5. [BLOG] Algorithmic IT Operations for Microsoft Azure

    Final Thought: On to 2018

    We are grateful and humbled by everyone who followed our progress in the market. But we are only one-tenth the way through our journey. 2018 will be filled with new innovation and AIOps capabilities as we continue to tackle the global market.


    StackState's current and future success would not be possible without the support of the community. Thank you to our customers, partners, employees and investors. Your continued advocacy is what drives us to keep innovating and building for the modern enterprise. 


    We can't wait to keep the momentum going into 2018. Wishing you a Happy Holiday season from the team at StackState!



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