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    Mark Bakker

    Mark founded StackState early 2015 together with Lodewijk Bogaards and the Xebia Group. Mark is a visionary and has been an IT architect/ engineer/ developer for over 15 years. Mark joined Xebia in 2007. Before joining Xebia he had a company in computers and networks for 8 years. In his spare time Mark has been chairman of a realty development trust which led in the development of 7 houses.

    Posts By Mark Bakker

    Introducing the StackState Agent for Windows

    Mark Bakker   |     15, Mar 2019

    How to monitor NGINX with StackState

    Mark Bakker   |     06, Jul 2017

    Monitor Docker with StackState - Part 4

    Mark Bakker   |     17, May 2017

    How to monitor a Kubernetes environment - Part 3

    Mark Bakker   |     30, Mar 2017

    Monitor Mesos with StackState - Part 2

    Mark Bakker   |     22, Mar 2017

    The Container Monitoring Problem - Part 1

    Mark Bakker   |     15, Mar 2017

    Automate incident investigation to save money and become proactive

    Mark Bakker   |     01, Mar 2017

    The model behind a dynamic real time IT blueprint

    Mark Bakker   |     23, Jun 2016

    Are all those IT Ops tools driving you crazy?

    Mark Bakker   |     22, Feb 2016

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