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    Today we're excited to announce our newest integration: VMware vSphere.

    StackState is now able to integrate with VMware vSphere and track your private cloud’s virtual machines using both topology and telemetry.


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    What is VMware vSphere?

    VMware vSphere - formerly known as VMware Infrastructure - is the brand name for VMware's suite of server virtualization products that includes its ESXi hypervisor and vCenter management software. It's the private cloud of choice for many large enterprise IT organizations.

    Insight Into Your VMware Landscape 

    Getting insight into your VMware landscape and seeing how all the components connect is a nightmare, especially if you need to solve an outage. StackState gives you the insight you need to respond quickly to outages or to prevent them altogether.

    StackState shows VMware virtual machines, their connections and key metrics. Use these metrics in checks to calculate a health status and instantly determine the impact of an issue on your entire private cloud.

    problem cause impacg StackState shows the cause and impact of each issue - from your VMs all the way up to your business processes.

    If you would like to learn more about StackState and how it supports your specific technology stack, feel free to request a guided tour right here. We are more than happy to walk you through the product. 

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