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    Monitoring your IT landscape can be complex and challenging. Sometimes even frustrating. At StackState, we know the feel. Especially at those moments when the shit hits the fan. Your payments system goes down and orders start dropping. For most Enterprises, finding the root cause of a problem is not the most easeful time of the day, or night if you are lucky. And for most of you, it takes long to solve a problem. To support you in these moments, we have created the Ultimate IT Monitoring Spotify Playlist.

    Here we go..

    Alerts, alerts everywhere

    Yes, you are the lucky one

    Hands are Sweaty, Moms Spaghetti

    No team work, at all

    Too many tools to handle

    Your colleague is always right, right?


    When did I push my last change?

    Don't give up and listen to the business

    As long as you keep searching..

    ..The answer comes!

    There is now, and there is too late

    Let's get serious

    Well, you did probably not get fired, but let's get serious now. If the time you needed to solve an issue, was a long as this playlist, you or your business should get very nervous.

    Music to your ears

    With StackState's Next-Gen Monitoring and AIOps solution, you can reduce the time to detect and analyze an issue up to 80%. No more unnecessary wake-up calls and thus more precious time to work on new features for your end users, because in the end.. 

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